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Base designs

I don't have specific base designs for unique costumes. But for basic costumes, check this out! Every Unique piece is made to measures with the customer's wishes in mind! For every competition costume, I make a sketch based on the sport's regulations and rules. I will make sure that you love the finished result!

Sadette wear decorations & fabrics

How much do the costumes cost?

It really depends on the design and fabric, but for competition outfits, my base fee for custom costumes is 140€+shipping. If you are looking for a more affordable option, check this out!

What is my base fee?

It's the minimum price of a costume

Which things affect my Prices?

There are two major things: the cost of the materials & the complexity of the work For the basic calculations I use this form:

Price chart Sadette Wear


For this type of costume, the price would be: 210€ 

This price includes:​​​

  • Design and measurement work, a lycra halterneck top and shorts lined with nude fabric. Bikini clasps in the back 140€

  • 1 gross of value crystals (about. 144 pcs.) ss16 10€ 

  • Four mesh drapings (different colours) 60€

Example costume Sadette Wear

Colours and the fabric choices

For every order, I ask you more about the design you have in mind. I get my fabrics from many different companies, so there are a lot of options! I order fabrics based on the customer's wishes. That is how I ensure that you don't have to settle for "almost the one"!

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