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I started sewing when I was just a little girl. And because I had a rhythmic gymnastic background, everything sparkly and detailed amazed me. I wanted to know how to make these beautiful costumes that just shined on stage.

A couple of years went past and I started to do sewing as a hobby in our civic college. I went there for five years and I learned many techniques including dip-dyeing, designing and making clothes, and fitting them to your size. I made my first dresses at this time.

After I graduated, I had a couple of years' break. But not long after I found sewing again when I started pole dancing. That is when I started my business.

I wanted to offer pole wear with a twist from the rhythmic gymnastic world. I wanted the dancers to feel like their best on the stage, comfortable but looking great. I studied the techniques that Russian leotard artists use in their costumes and mixed them with traditional pole wear. 

All my costumes are made with good quality fabric like lycra, power mesh, and stretch satin. I also have a great variety of color options available. I order all my fabrics based on the customer's wishes.

Nowadays i'm studying wearable design in Lab university of applied sciences.

- Saga❤️


Saga Santonen Sadette Wear
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