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Delivery Terms


  • Saga´s Designs, business ID: 3209277-1, address: Arolantie 8, 04410 Järvenpää; sells products to businesses and individuals worldwide. These delivery terms are suitable for ordering products from our website or in other similar ordering situations.

  • These delivery terms are valid from 12.05.2021. We may change the delivery terms unilaterally from time to time, so please read our delivery terms in advance each time you order products from our online store.

Ota yhteyttä:

Products and product prices:

  • The features and prices of our products are presented in connection with the product presentation of each product. We reserve the right to change prices and delivery costs, so please check the prices before you accept the order. Product prices include VAT 24%


  • Custom-made products are always made based on the customer's wishes from selected materials. The prices of custom-made products are determined by the amount of work and the prices of the materials required.


Get in touch, tell us what kind of costume you have in mind, send inspiration pictures and tell us your wishes as accurately as possible​
I will draw a model based on your wishes and send it to you for approval. No worries if you don’t think the model image is perfect, at this point the changes will still be possible before starting the production. Feel free to tell me if there is anything you want to add or change.

Once the design is approved, I start looking for fabrics to make the piece. Fabrics are always ordered based on wishes, which is why I do not have a fabric selection to choose from. (If you see a product on Instagram, for example, you are very likely to still find the fabric in our stock!)

Remember that making custom-made costumes takes time! I will send you updates as the project progresses.

When ordering from our store, you are required to read and commit to our current delivery terms. You understand that your order, which you have accepted and confirmed, is, as set below in respect of the right of cancellation and creates an agreement between us with these Terms of Delivery.


  • The delivery costs that will be charged for the order depending on the product itself (eg. weight, packaging) and the chosen delivery method. The cost will be added to the total amount of the order.

Payment methods:

The payment methods are Mobilepay, cash, and bank transfer

All prices stated on the website are final - Shipping costs are not included in the prices!

When paying, the customer can choose:

  • 1. Payment in one installment (100%)

  • 2. Payment in two installments (50-50%), This option is available only in UNIQUE costumes (if the fittings are made at our studio in Järvenpää Finland, or at the local dance studios).

Before the start of each Unique order, we ask for 50% of the final price of the product and the remaining 50% (if you choose the second option) before delivery of the suit. If you chose the first option or you are ordering from the basic collection, we will charge 100% of the price before starting the project. The postal fees will be added to your final price.

Custom work:

  • The perfect fit of the custom work is ensured by at least one fitting during the production of the costume. For this reason, I recommend that the fittings would be made in person.​

  • The customer also has the opportunity to submit their measurements by e-mail. In this case, the customer takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the measurements. This applies to all those cases. If the measurements are not taken in our studio, I will provide the customer with a measuring guide. These measurements are required in connection with the order. However, I still recommend that the measurements would be taken by a professional. Saga´s Designs is not accountable for any customer's measurement errors in the order. I'm not responsible for incorrectly reported measurement results either.

Urgent orders:

  • Please remember to mention when ordering if the piece is required for a certain date!

  • For urgent orders, please contact us separately by e-mail! Each order is considered on a case-by-case basis. These types of orders will result in separate pricing and a new delivery time.


  • Once the product has been sent to the customer, Saga´s Designs is not responsible for the delay of the product. Unfortunately, we are unable to influence the flow of mail or other delays due to public holidays.

  • However, if the product is delayed due to us or another third party, we will notify the customer promptly.

  • Saga´s Designs shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect financial damages resulting from the delay of the product.


Please note that custom-made products have no right to a refund, return, or cancellation!

Shipment check, errors, and problem situations:

Please check the delivery immediately upon receiving. If the product is lost or damaged during shipment or otherwise does not match your order, please notify us and the shipping company as soon as possible (within 14 days). So we can agree on how we can correct the mistake. In consumer trade, we comply with the mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act on liability for errors.

Fixes and changes:

Before sending the product back, let us know what changes and fixes you would like. Repair and modification fees are case-specific.
The customer is obliged to pay all return fees and new shipping fees.

When you send the product back to us, please pack it carefully. Damage that occurs during the return is not our responsibility and will add additional costs for repairs. If we receive a damaged product, we will notify the customer and the shipping company immediately.


Saga's Designs reserves all rights to costume designs, sketches, and designs. The customer is not entitled to use our models in other productions without a separate agreement.

Saga's Designs reserves the right to use images, videos, or other recordings of the costumes for marketing and advertising purposes.

I reserve the right's to re-use and/or reproduce any custom designs, as I'm the designer of the product and they're in my intellectual property.

Proper care and maintenance of the costumes:

  • We can give the customer instructions for cleaning and maintaining the costume. If you are unsure about anything, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you. In principle, all the costumes should be washed by hand.


  • Saga´s Designs is not responsible for structural, discoloration, lint, shrinkage, or other damage resulting from improper cleaning, maintenance, or use.


Hintamme sisältävät ALV 24%

By ordering, you accept the delivery terms.

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